Sailent Features of BAMS

Salient features of BAMS

Ayurvedic products and utilities are of great demand in several areas in our country. They are very popular abroad as well. Ayurvedic medicines are considered free of side effects and most of the patients are choosing this area of medicine for curing their diseases. These graduates can get employed in various hospitals, Ayurveda clinics & also Ayurveda medicine manufacturing units and Ayurveda Spa centers. The field of Ayurveda is of great scope now and can expect further developments in the future as well.


BAMS or Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery - The Degree Of Ayurveda Doctor:

The BAMS degree is four and a half year of academic curriculum in Ayurvedic college, Ayurvedic Hospital and Medical Hospital. After completing this degree, BAMS ayurveda doctors get compulsory one year of Internship in Ayurvedic Hospital, Medical Hospital and rural area. So the minimum period of BAMS degree is five and a half year. The details of the curriculum for ayurveda doctor will be dealt with in another article. But the point of importance is that BAMS is now an Integrated degree where students receive education in ayurvedic as well as modern medicine together. In India, the duration of medical degree, homeopathic degree and ayurvedic degree is same i.e. five and a half year. And these medical graduates are considered equally professional in their own respective fields and for State medical services.


Higher Studies In Ayurvedic Medicine After BAMS:

BAMS is the basic education in Ayurvedic medicine. All other certificates and diplomas that are being offered now are presently illegal and no college is awarding them now. The Ayurvedic practice license is given by State Council Of Indian Medicine to BAMS ayurveda doctors after they complete their degree and internship.


MD or Doctor Of Medicine In Ayurveda:

After completing BAMS, there is a fairly increasing scope of higher education for ayurveda doctors. BAMS students can go to private practice, State ayurvedic services, or they can prefer to obtain MD (Doctor Of Medicine In Ayurveda).
MD in Ayurveda is a three year post graduation degree that is awarded by several ayurvedic institutes and universities. MD Ayurveda is available in different streams of Ayurveda - Basic principles, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene or Social and Preventive Medicine, Herbology, Herbal Pharmacy, ENT & Ophthalmology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery and Panchakarma.